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The "Olymp-i-a Challenge"! 

The "i" and "a" in "Olymp-i-a" stand for positive "ideas" and "actions." 

The Challenge is a simple exercise.  In the Challenge we practice positive ideas and actions for peace, green-living, and health and we try to make this practice part of our daily routine (ideally for at least 21 to 30 days).  Each day matters. The more we practice, the stronger we become.  It is important to take the first step and get started. 

Choose positivity.  Think and do positivity.  Be positive in peace, green-living, and health!  We can make the world a better place!


Quick and Easy Ways to Get Started: 

Take One Step at a Time: Enter 1 Idea or Action  

7-Day Challenge for Peace

7-Day Challenge for Green-Living

7-Day Challenge for Health

Reach Out to Children & Youth! Calling all Youth Groups Leaders!

100 To Do List for Peace

100 To Do List for Green-Living

100 To Do List for Health 


Children and Youth: 

It is especially important to help children and youth practice and strengthen habits of compassion, empathy, positive awareness and life skills in peace, green-living, and health. Find resources here. Older youth and adults can share positive ideas and actions with children in words and actions they can understand.  We can support children to help them write and draw about their own positive ideas and actions.  Make the practice fun. Our children are our future. The earlier children begin the practice, the stronger they become and positivity becomes part of everyday life.  


Think of each day as a fun "treasure hunt" for peace, green-living, and health.  Notice what you do and what's happening around you and in your world.  When you find something interesting relating to peace, green-living, or health, try to learn a little more about it or take some action about it.  

Take the Challenges on this website.  Or, just write down your positive idea or action for the day (and the day's date) in a notebook, or type it into your cell phone via a "note" app.  You can post your positive idea or action through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.  It only takes a few minutes.  It is easy to make it happen. Do this as often as you can over time.  Daily is best! You will create a living journal of your positive ideas and actions.


Enter the many Idea4Idea portals of inspiration: 

The "100 To Do" Lists:  100 To Do List for Peace;  100 To Do List for Green-Living100 To Do List for Health; and via the Children & Youth page 

The RSS feeds for peacegreen-living, and health 

The "3D World" Blog

The "365" Files.    


Basic Principles: 

1)  We have a choice each day in how we lead our lives and respond to our circumstances.  

2)  We grow stronger in what we practice.  

3)  Compassion, empathy, and positive awareness are essential to enable a person to maximize wellness, learning, and success and, thus, are essential to child, youth, and adult development and education.

4)  Peace, green-living, and health are 3 essential life skills we must learn and strengthen.


The Vision: 

Each of us gains and strengthens habits of compassion, empathy, peace, green-living, and health, and, together, we improve our lives and the world. 


See the Author's Welcome! 

© 2013 LRWalker  


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit." Aristotle