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Olymp-i-a Challenge for Children and Youth


Our Vision for Children... is that every child receives support, encouragement, and education to practice and strengthen skills in compassion, empathy, positive awareness, peace, green-living, and health and in so doing, every child enjoys more happiness and well-being and helps create a better world.


A basic truth:  We grow stronger in what we practice.  

The "Olymp-i-a Challenge" is a fun and simple way for children and youth to discover and practice compassion and empathy and grow stronger in peace, green-living, and health.  The "i" and the "a" in "Olymp-i-a" stand for positive "ideas" and "actions." The challenge is for children and youth to take a few minutes each day to write or draw about their own positive idea or action for health, green-living, or peace. The challenge can be for any number of days, depending on the desires of the individual or group.  It is ideal for the challenge to continue for 21 to 30 days, however, shorter times may be good to get started.


Resources for Schools, Teachers, Group Leaders, Project Leaders, Organizations (click on the links for resources): 


Olymp-i-a Challenge 1-Page Summary & Simple Start-Up Instructions and Resources

You can use this orientation, instruction, and resource packet to begin.  

Olymp-i-a Challenge Models for Various Settings

Click on this link to find models for implementing the Olymp-i-a Challenge in various settings (schools, clubs, libraries, youth groups & organizations such as Roots & Shoots, homeschools, Special Olympics, Scouts)


Click the links above to view the "100 To Do Lists" (also access via the website's Navigation Bar).  The files can be downloaded. The "Lists" provide 100 daily prompts for positive ideas and actions for peace, green-living, and health. By writing or drawing a response to an item on the list, a child or youth completes the Challenge for the day.  Just pick items from the list to do (one for each day of the Challenge). It can be that simple.  Of course a child or youth does not have to stick with the list.  It can be a helpful tool to get started or it can provide plenty of daily items for an entire Challenge period.  
NOTE: People of any age can use the lists to get in the practice habit.   

ONLINE Olymp-i-a Challenge participation options:


Enter the ONLINE Olymp-i-a Challenge for Youth!  It's quick & easy! 


Olymp-i-a Challenge Action Packet

The Action Packet is a useful instruction guide for school principals, teachers, youth group leaders, youth mentors, volunteers, etc. The Action Packet contains (all in one file) an introduction/overview of the Challenge, instructions/tips for implementation, and samples of achievement certificates and "Olymp-i-a Challenge" journal labels.  The Action Packet can be customized for the school or youth group involved by entering the Name/Logo of the School/ Group/ Organization in the areas identified in the packet documents.  Examples of customized Action Packets made for organizations and schools (Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots, Ashoka Changemaker Schools) are available below, under "Customized Action Packets".  The distinct sets of instructions within the packet may be copied separately, as needed, and are prepared for two-sided copying.  
**The individual documents included in the Action Packet are also provided in the first 6 links below.  

Olymp-i-a Challenge Introduction/ Overview

Olymp-i-a Challenge for Children Ages 3 to 8

Olymp-i-a Challenge for Youth Ages 8 through Teens

Explanation Tips and Definitions for Children and Youth

Daily Motivation Questions and Action Prompts

Olymp-i-a Challenge Achievement Awards

Children Ages 3-8: Clues & Hints for Positive Ideas and Actions

Children Ages 8-12: Clues & Hints for Positive Ideas and Actions

Youth: Clues & Hints for PEACE Positive Ideas and Actions


Customized Action Packets:

Ashoka Changemaker Schools Action Packet

Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots- KENYA Action Packet

Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots- NETHERLANDS Action Packet

Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots- UK Action Packet

Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots- USA Action Packet

Examples of the Olymp-i-a Challenge in Action:

Read entries in the Idea4Idea "3D World" Blog.

(click the link for details) 

The Olymp-i-a Challenge in Ghana:  
Youth in Ghana participated in the Olymp-i-a Challenge for Green-Living with support from the Earth Child Institute.
Some samples of their positive ideas and actions: 

GhanaYouthOlympia/Ghana4cropped101213.JPG GhanaYouthOlympia/Ghana3cropped101213.JPG GhanaYouthOlympia/Ghana2cropped101213.JPG GhanaYouthOlympia/Ghana1cropped101213.JPG

The Olymp-i-a Challenge in an After-School Child Care Program:  
Children Ages 4-12
In a two week Olymp-i-a Chellenge to help the earth and to help others, 74 children generated 644 positive ideas and actions for health, green-living, and peace. 
Some samples of their positive ideas and actions (in writing and pictures): 

AfterSchoolCareOlympia/P1090353-2.JPG AfterSchoolCareOlympia/P1090346-2.JPG AfterSchoolCareOlympia/P1090339-2.JPG AfterSchoolCareOlympia/P1090338-2.JPG
AfterSchoolCareOlympia/P1090329-2.JPG AfterSchoolCareOlympia/P1090325-2.JPG AfterSchoolCareOlympia/P1090294-2.JPG AfterSchoolCareOlympia/P1090272-2.JPG
AfterSchoolCareOlympia/P1090266-2.JPG AfterSchoolCareOlympia/P1090259-2.JPG
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The Olymp-i-a Challenge in Summer Camps:  Children Ages 4-12 

Children in 10 City-Wide Summer Day Camps in Austin, Texas and neighboring communities participated in the Olymp-i-a Challenge in 2012. 

Camp Leader:   "We did the Olympia at the end of the day with all of the children this summer...  They made and decorated the Olympia box and their books.  The kids enjoyed taking the time to reflect on the good things that they had been a part of. Many of the children shared their entries which encouraged others.  It went so well this summer that some of my school year sites requested to do Olympia during the... after-school program this [coming] year."


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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit." Aristotle