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Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots- KENYA
and the Olymp-i-a Challenge

Linus Wafula, National Coordinator of the Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots- Kenya, and his youth leaders launched the Olymp-i-a Challenge in Roots & Shoots programs in Kenya in September, 2013.  
Calling all Roots & Shoots youth!!  You can submit your positive ideas and actions for Peace, Green-Living, and Health, using the form below, or take a 7-day Olymp-i-a Challenge (for PeaceGreen-Living, or Health) online! 

Roots & Shoots- KENYA- Olymp-i-a Challenge Poster

The Olymp-i-a Challenge at Ruaraka Academy:

RootsandShootsKENYA2/RuarakaAcademyYouthLeadersPhoto15.jpg RootsandShootsKENYA2/RuarakaAcademyPhoto14.jpg RootsandShootsKENYA2/RuarakaAcademyPhoto13.jpg RootsandShootsKENYA2/RuarakaAcademyPhoto12.jpg
RootsandShootsKENYA2/RuarakaAcademyPhoto11.jpg RootsandShootsKENYA2/RuarakaAcademyPhoto10.jpg
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RootsandShootsKENYA1/RuarakaAcademyPhoto9.jpg RootsandShootsKENYA1/RuarakaAcademyPhoto8.jpg RootsandShootsKENYA1/RuarakaAcademyPhoto7.jpg RootsandShootsKENYA1/RuarakaAcademyPhoto6.jpg
RootsandShootsKENYA1/RuarakaAcademyPhoto5.jpg RootsandShootsKENYA1/RuarakaAcademyPhoto4.jpg RootsandShootsKENYA1/RuarakaAcademyPhoto3.jpg RootsandShootsKENYA1/RuarakaAcademyPhoto2.jpg
RootsandShootsKENYA1/RuarakaAcademyPhoto1.jpg RootsandShootsKENYA1/RandSKenyaOlympiaChallengePoster.jpg
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Send in Your Positive Idea or Action for Peace, Green-Living, or Health!  

You may want to use the RSS feeds for peacegreen-living, and health for information and inspiration for your daily ideas and actions.  When you read information (in an article, blog post, book, etc.) or watch a video, this can be your action for the day.  Increasing learning and awareness sparks new ideas.

(Please do not enter your name, address, email, or any other personally identifying information in the form below.  Positive ideas and actions only. When you submit your idea or action you give us permission to publish it, e.g. on our blog, and share it publicly.  No personally identifying information is collected or stored and none will be shared.)

Submit your positive idea or action for peace, green-living, or health for the day.
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You may answer the optional questions below or just click "Submit" at the end of the form. 

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